February 10, 2018

Webinar: The Perils of Single Tenant SaaS

The “The Perils of Single-Tenant SaaS” webinar is for all software (ISV or SaaS) decision makers (business or technical) who want to learn the following:

  1. Single vs. multi-tenancy cost models
  2. The principles, advantages, and difficulties of multi-tenancy
  3. How to leverage the cloud with multi-tenancy.

The benefits of multi-tenancy for cloud SaaS architectures are well understood. Yet many organizations settle instead for single-tenancy, sacrificing elasticity and cost flexibility – the very promise of the cloud. This means dramatically higher hosting costs, resulting in eroding margins and competitiveness.

The webinar “The Perils of Single-Tenant SaaS” – Unlocking the power of the cloud through multi-tenancy – is available online.

The white paper on The Perils of Single Tenant Saas is also available for further information.