February 20, 2016



“Before meeting Bolti Systems, Analystik had decided to commercialize a second SaaS product named Signder. The business model was challenging with a low price point and a high volume of customers. The risk was high, our objectives were aggressive and we wanted to move quickly without making errors.

We got in contact with Bolti Systems at a SaaS seminar that he delivered. I consider contracting Bolti Systems to be one of the best decisions we made on the project. They asked critical questions, challenged us and oriented us. They validated our hypotheses “in the field” with real target customers and defined the metrics that will allow us to grow our service based on how the product is being used by our customers.

If you are launching a new SaaS product, I strongly recommend that you use the services of Bolti Systems.

Michel Martel – President and CEO, Analystik Inc. – Creators of the Signder application